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Washington Thoroughbred Farm
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The Washington Thoroughbred Farm Managers Association (WTFMA) is a continuing education organization for people in the Thoroughbred industry in Washington State. The association is aimed at "hands-on" owners and managers. Our programs have featured speakers that are experts in their fields and have included:

Dr. Larry A. Lawrence, Senior Nutritionist, Kentucky Equine Research, presenting on Nutrition of Mare and Foal from Conception to Weaning

Dr. Sarah Jane Owens, DVM, MRCVS, spoke on new theories and modalities for treating tendon injuries

Dr. Stephen Duren, consulting equine nutritionist, spoke on nutrition in mares, foals, weanlings, and yearlings and how it affects performance, OCD, bleeding and tying up

Dr. Amy Gill, from Kentucky, who gave a presentation on the feeding of horses with emphasis on the development of the young horse

Dr. Susan McDonnell from New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania who talked about stallion behavior

Dr. Juan Samper, who helped develop Ovuplant, speaking on programming mares

Representative from Ft. Dodge informing on the use of Flu Avert

Rod Lamphere of Rhodes & Fullaway and Tom Allen of Plaza Insurance addressing tax planning and insurance needs

Emerald Downs trainers, Jim Penney and Doris Harwood answering questions

Robert J. Campbell, local DVM, recaps highlights of the AAEP convention

Dr. Mike Alberts of Rocky Bay Equine on foaling and neonatal disease

Round table discussions on breeding theories

Farm tours

We also do service projects such as help coordinate the important nurse mare program and help publish the Washington Thoroughbred Farm and Service Directory.

We invite breeders, owners, trainers, veterinarians, and interested horsemen to join us. Watch Dates to Remember for upcoming meetings and programs.

For further information, please contact Lanny Fairbanks, home 360-829-0652, cell 253-224-8602.

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